Grants for Hospitality & Leisure (Omicron)

Grants update, the latest support grants for hospitality businesses.

Note claims cannot exceed the subsidy allowances below:-

  • Small Amounts of Financial Assistance Allowance –up to £335,000 over any rolling period of 3 financial years
  • COVID-19 Business Grant Allowance is up to £1,900,000
  • COVID-19 Business Grant Special Allowance if you have reached the allowance limits under the Small Amounts of Financial Assistance Allowance and COVID-19 Business Grant Allowance, you may be able to access a further allowance of funding under these scheme rules of up to £10,000,000 across all COVID-19 Business Grant schemes

Therefore grants can be combined to make a total allowance of up to £12,235,000

Check if you’re eligible for the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant HERE

There is also a discretionary fund, this is targeted at businesses that are severely impacted by the restrictions and the rise of the Omicron variant, your local councils can determine the eligibility criteria for these grants. Councils are advised to consider applications from businesses who were;

  • Not eligible for other Grant schemes (e.g. LRSG and CBLP Grant schemes)
  • Businesses severely impacted by the rise of the Omicron variant
  • That may have been severely impacted by restrictions but were not eligible for the Restart Grant scheme, and those sectors that remained closed or were severely impacted by extended restrictions, even if those businesses had already been in receipt of Restart Grants



Check and Challenge Pub Rateable Value

We get asked a lot where you can find the rateable value for a pub.

The link to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) website is here

If you want to raise a challenge you need to “claim” the business first, in which case you need to follow the process here

If you are stuck and need help in raising a challenge we can assist, see our VOA service here

The Code Adjudicator model

A legal study by two academics, Dr Jed Meers and Dr Liz Hind, have highlighted many problems in the Governments pubs code and adjudicator service.

The report shows that a key reason for reform (level the playing field / arms-length transactions) has been overlooked.
Further that the Scottish Pubs Code has a far better prospect of delivering reform for tied pubs.

To download your copy of the report click HERE

For those affected, we would ask that you send a copy to your MP and ask them to write to the business minister and request that the English and Welsh Pubs Code (which is under review) matches the Scottish pub’s code.


Zeal Blog July Update

Shine a light on the untapped savings hidden in your pub.

Did you know? There are some tax reliefs that are so specialist even your accountant is not able to claim for you… Embedded Capital Allowances Tax Relief is one of them!

As one of the best kept secrets in property tax, 80% of business owners don’t realise that UK tax legislation entitles them to claim a specialist tax relief on the ‘Embedded Fixtures’ that were in the premises at the time it was purchased. Essentially, if you paid £100,000+ for your puband pay tax in the UK, it’s highly likely you’re missing out onthese tax savings. It doesn’t matter how long ago the property was purchased.

What are embedded fixtures?

Qualifying embedded fixtures include electrical, heating and ventilation systems, water pipework and drainage, kitchens and bathrooms, carpets, alarms and much more. In other words, if you were able to turn your building upside down, it is the fixtures and fittings in the fabric of the building which did not fall out that would qualify. Watch this short video to find out more: (

How much could a claim be worth?

By claiming this specialist tax incentive, significant tax savings and repayments can be achieved. For pub owners, typically between 20%-30% of the costs spent to buy, refurbish or build the property can be reclaimed in tax relief. Your pub could be sat on an average of £25,000, plus, you could also be entitled to an immediate cash tax rebate for tax you didn’t know you had overpaid.

Why wouldn’t my accountant have claimed this?

Due to the complex nature of this tax legislation, identifying qualifying expenditure requires a technical site survey and expert tax knowledge. It’s an area often misunderstood or overlooked by a generalist accountant.

Sounds too good to be true?

At Pubs Advisory Service, we are working with Zeal to help pub owners shine a light on these hidden untapped savings. Zealprovide a RISK-FREE service with NO upfront fees, charge fees 50% lower than other firms and offer a free property survey (typically charged at £999+) to determine your entitlement to claim.

For a free consultation to find out if you qualify, click HERE to fill in a contact form.


Commercial Rent Debt Arbitration

Commercial Rent Debt update – New Legislation and Arbitration.

  • Legislation will be introduced in this session of parliament to ringfence outstanding unpaid rent that has built up when a business has had to remain closed during the pandemic. Landlords are expected to make allowances for the ringfenced rent arrears from these specific periods of closure due to the pandemic, and share the financial impact with their tenants.
  • The new arbitration process will be underpinned by law, providing commercial tenants and landlords with peace of mind that Covid-related rent debts will be settled fairly, and with finality.

We are launching a new service to help those with commercial debt, you can learn more and pre-register for the service on the following page.

Click HERE

Annex to the Commercial Code of Practice.

dded further guidance to the Code of Practice for the commercial property sector.

This annex document provides a framework to help tenants in rent arrears outline their specific issues to their landlord, seemingly no Pub Company has informed their tenants of the existence of this document so we are promoting the existence via our website and social media feeds.

You can download your copy of the Annex in either Word Version or PDF Version 

If you need help and advice please contact us HERE



Switch4Profit Blog – Technology in the Hospitality Sector

Investment in Technology is Key for the Hospitality Sector

This last week there have been a few comments in the hospitality press about the ‘new look’ customer experience. Repeated lockdowns and social distancing requirements forced many pubs to completely change the way they were operating. This inevitably resulted in more technology being involved in a customer’s trip to the pub, and where there is technology there are always glitches that need to be ironed out. These glitches might be small and easy to fix but shouldn’t be overlooked because they could mean the difference between a good and bad experience, a repeat trip, or a bad review.

‘The implementation of clunky technology and over-complicated systems has been a problem in many venues I’ve frequented during covid-19. I’ve been tripped over by QR codes, failed to download apps, berated my children for staring at their phones in a restaurant when they’ve actually been looking at the menu because no paper alternative was offered, accidentally over-ordered and, one time, the setting up of an account and password along with entering my payment details took longer than the supping of the pint I’d bought.’

It will be imperative that pubs and restaurants iron out these sorts of problems because consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable and reliant on technology for ordering and paying. When you add in the massive issue of staff shortages then the tech is guaranteed to play an outsized role over the coming months.’ (Glynn Davis, leading commentator on retail trends).

Even before your customers book, the research phase is most often a quick google. Do you have an easy online reservation system? Recent research from Zonal & KAM Media has found that “difficulties in making a reservation” was the second highest reason given for customers deciding to stay home instead of going out.

It also found that half of respondents found it ‘exceedingly frustrating’ trying to get the waiting staff’s attention to pay the bill. Have you thought about a mobile ordering and payment solution? During lockdown it was a necessity to maintain social distancing but now that customers have tried it, 45% of people consider it an important factor when choosing a venue. It has become an easy way to streamline the ordering and payment process.

With people’s decision-making process being increasingly digitally driven you need to ‘invest in tech and work with the right partners for your operation.’ (Amber Staynings, chief executive of Bums on Seats,)

Switch4Profit work with an array of trusted partners and can help you introduce a low cost mobile order and pay at table solution. A quick review of your merchant services may well save you the money (and more) to cover the costs of introducing new technology.

Combine that with upgraded card terminals with fast transaction processing and GPRS connectivity which will work even at the end of the garden, and your customers’ experience could be vastly improved.

Get in contact today by clicking HERE.

This is a guest blog written for Pubs Advisory Service Ltd by Switch4Profit.


Star Pubs appeal PCA Fine

Breaking News:

The High Court has published details of the Heineken (Star Pubs and Bars) appeal to the investigation & £2m fine levied by the Pubs Code Adjudicator.

The judgment has in part allowed Heineken to continue with its appeal but has dealt a blow in para 96 of the judgment, our emphasis added.

96.Thus, in answer to the issue as formulated, I conclude that, in an appeal under section 58(3) of the 2015 Act, an appellant
may not appeal against the imposition of a penalty or its amount on the basis that findings, in an investigation report published
under section 54, of breach of the Code (and findings of fact upon which those findings of breach are based) were unfair or
unjustified or incorrect.

Download your copy of the judgment HERE


Switch4Profit Blog – May Reopening

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Around 45,000 pubs have reopened today following the lifting of COVID restrictions by PM Boris Johnson. It is estimated that 104 million people will return to hospitality venues this week giving a much needed £2.5bn boost to sales. Today alone almost 13.6 million people will visit pubs and restaurants across the country. In encouraging news it is predicted that hospitality will see a quick and strong recovery with an increase in sales of over 63% compared to last year and a bumper 2022. (Research for conducted by the Centre for Retail Research)

The British Beer & Pub Association are however urging the government to remain committed to lifting all restrictions on 21st June given that some venues are still unable to open due to the social distancing restrictions and the requirement for table service. BBPA chief executive Emma McClarkin said: “This is by no means the end of the crisis for our sector. We need pubs fully reopened without any restrictions at all on 21 June if they are to survive and trade viably. The countdown to freedom, and recovery, is on.”

Switch4Profit are delighted to have helped so many of our clients through lockdown and proud to see so many reopening this week. We’ve helped existing clients to reduce overheads and been extremely busy bringing on a raft of new clients with monthly rolling contracts, low rates, brand new terminals with outstanding connectivity, next day settlement, EPOS integration and a whole host of other benefits. We look forward to helping more and more businesses get out of long, expensive contracts for old technology and onto much better deals for state of the art card terminals.

Please contact us for a free review of your merchant services. If we can’t help you we’ll tell you straight, but on average we save our customers 42% on their monthly bills as well as upgrading terminals. We can also advise on EPOS, order and pay at table apps and even reduce utility bills.

We want to see our pubs thriving and we’ll do all we can to do our part to make it happen.

Good luck to all pubs today. We’ll certainly be heading to the pub after work!


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This is a guest blog written by Switch4Profit.

G.I.F.T Blog – May Update

Roll on Monday….


Trading has been strong for most that were able to open in April.


As of Monday the gloves are off.  And the coats and scarfs!


Our suppliers are fully geared up and won’t be making the same mistakes that have led to the stocking issues on brands like Moretti.


Our recommended replacement is San Miguel









UNDER £100 for a 50lt


To find out more and get in contact, please click HERE.

This is a guest blog written by G.I.F.T.