• G.I.F.T

    Growing Independent Free Trade

Who are we?

G.I.F.T is a Consultancy/ Buying group set up for the benefit of independent free trade operators within the license trade.

We are a vital link in the supply chain.

We offer nationally competitive prices on all categories of drinks products.

Does this apply to you?

Are you paying in excess of £147 for Guinness (11 gls)? 

Are you paying in excess of £89 for your standard lager (11 gls)? 

If so, then please read on.

What we do

G.I.F.T. partners with a number of national drink suppliers. We will introduce you to the supplier that best suits your needs.

Our prices are constantly under negotiation with our existing and prospective suppliers as we endeavour to attain the best market pricing for our members.

In addition to drinks discounts, we are networked with on-trade goods and service providers. We will gladly put you in touch with our nominated preferred partners.

Current members: 

There are currently in excess of 750 pubs, clubs and bars nationwide enjoying the benefits of G.I.F.T. membership. Some of the benefits are listed below.

  • There is no cost to join. 
  • There is no tie.
  • There is no minimum purchase obligation. 
  • There is no minimum trading period.

Technical Service/Brand Support: 

Full tech service is provided by the Supplier/Brand Owner. We have dedicated account handlers with all our nominated suppliers. Their aim is to maintain the high standards of service that you expect. Local representatives will also call on your outlet(s) to make sure everything is running smoothly and to supply you with the point of sale and promotions.


We will make the change to a new supplier as simple as possible. The process should take approximately two weeks. During this time, you will receive a visit from the agreed supplier(s) representative. They will open your new account and agree on any marketing support that may be required to launch new brands. The Technical Services Team will conduct a survey and plan the necessary work to ensure your products will be dispensed to the highest standard.

Credit Terms:

Credit terms are agreed directly with your supplier. 

Contact us today:

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