Business Interruption Insurance Update April

It has now been  3 months since the Supreme Court handed down its judgment. A recent publication by the FCA on data collected by it from insurers affected by the Test Case, on 13 April 2021, shows that only 38% of policyholders who had claims accepted have received at least an interim payment.

A table published by the FCA (You can download a copy here > FCA DATA) shows that 1 in 3 claims made is still yet to be accepted by the relevant insurer, although this varies greatly amongst individual insurers.

The picture that is emerging is that even for straightforward claims, insurers still appear to be delaying either accepting liability or making payment.

That pattern is even clearer for claims that are not straightforward, especially those where the policyholder has to prove the presence of COVID-19 on their premises.

Cerulean is now in the process of putting together claims against the insurers listed below, and if you have encountered difficulties with them or would like to join these actions, please click HERE.


List of Policies: 


Aqueous/ QIC, QIC Europe/HIUA/Aston Lark


DOA/ China Taiping

HIUA Public House

New India


Eaton Gate


This is a guest blog written by Cerulean Law.


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