• Taking Payments

Taking Payments

At Switch 4 Profit, we provide a consultative approach (as an ex-operator predominantly to B2C retail propositions) with a simple view and objective of saving operators money and helping them with their current situation.

This could be advising them on their existing arrangements with certain suppliers, assisting them to exit contractual obligations, finding a more suitable way of achieving their needs, and improving their bottom line profit.

We are happy to speak with any business owner or decision make and show genuine empathy for their business challenges, current suppliers, and their requirements.

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The main areas and services we cover are:


EPOS stands for Electronic Point Of Sale. Being so much more than a traditional till system, an EPOS can do many handy things ranging from generating bespoke business reports to seeing which of your products are and are not selling well.

There are many benefits to using Switch 4 Profit to help you and your business find the right EPOS system:

  • We have access through our Trusted Partner network to over 600 UK providers.
  • We work closely with a selected handful of providers.
  • We advise on tailor-made solutions.
  • We never over-sell but we will always aim to over-deliver.

Merchant Services

Switch 4 Profit’s merchant services include; Order and Pay apps, 3rd party solutions (including order at the table, takeaway and Click & Collect), ECOM (website payments solutions for shopping carts), MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order solutions), and credit card machines (including countertop terminals, portable terminals, and the new Dojo Go).

Unlike other credit card machines, the Dojo Go is a sleek model which boasts impressive performance abilities. Payments can be made effortless due to the 5-inch HD touchscreen, as well as being able to switch between 3G and Wi-Fi if needed to make connectivity smooth and reliable.

The Mobile GPRS Terminal allows your drivers and couriers to take card payments whilst out and about. The Portable Terminal is good for transporting around your shop, making payments easier for businesses like coffee shops and cafes. The Countertop Terminal has always been reliable for being able to connect to your phone/ broadband in case your Wi-Fi goes down.

Product benefits

  • Latest and best terminals available.
  • Great Savings (we have saved our clients in excess of 300 outlets almost £1.2m in the last 12 months on merchant services alone).
  • We can release clients from their existing agreements;
    • Up to £3,000 compensation to buy them out of their current agreement.
    • The client will receive the value of compensation in their own bank account before they have to pay their existing provider.
    • We handle and advise throughout the whole process.
  • Next-Day Transfers
  • Free next-day terminal replacement
  • Free UK Based customer service with remote fix capabilities
  • Free app and a dashboard to manage their account
  • Free – a dedicated account manager in S4P
  • NO CONTRACT – just a monthly rolling agreement
  • We can also supply accessories – counter stands, terminal covers, and hardware solutions.

Integrated services

As well as providing the above two services, we can supply seamless cloud-based integration of the above two services.

  • PAT – Pay At Table.
  • PAC – Pay at Counter.

Bespoke help

Not only do we pride ourselves on providing a personal touch, but we also take the pain away for our clients. We do not just sell them a 3rd party product, service, or solution. We will provide an end-to-end solution which covers:

  • Free consultation and advice.
  • Free financial comparison of existing to proposed (what’s available).
  • Assisted application and approval process.
  • Tracking of delivery.
  • Project management;
    • Installation.
    • Training.
    • Preparation and removal of existing equipment for return/ disposal.
    • Minimize/provide nil business interruption.
    • Cancellation process.
    • Compensation claim process handling.
    • After-sales.

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