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Lockdown Restrictions for Pubs Update

Today the full detail surrounding the lifting of restrictions are to be announced, these will be posted on this page. UPDATES AS OF (4.15pm) Prime Minister statement in brief – Pubs to reopen for outdoor trade only April 12th with no requirement for a substantial meal to be served alongside alcoholic drinks, and no curfew. […]

TV & Music Licensing Disputes

Update for TV and Music licensing disputes. After seeing many posts on social media about demands for money from PRS and PPL we have been in touch with their regulators to clarify what publicans can do about it. The good news is there is a route for getting redress and seemingly at no cost for […]

Profitable Pubs & PAS 2021

PAS set out in 2012 to change the Pubs Industry for the better – The premise was simple enough, get rid of unfair business practices and help publicans to be more profitable, simple but not easy, and it had never been done before. The landscape back then was unregulated, unfair, and unlevel. Only statutory regulation […]

Wholesale Beer Update

Blog 3 Time to take Stock…   We’re surprisingly quiet at the moment, so thought we’d offer another freebie to anyone that might want to take a better look at G.I.F.T.   What’s on offer?  A free and totally confidential comparison of your drinks pricing compared to the best on offer from our nominated suppliers. […]

No win No fee insurance claims

Following on from the supreme court judgment on business interruption we are seeing a large number of social media posts from publicans regarding no-win-no-fee services, basically, law firms who are setting out to help businesses claim on their insurance policies. What this means is that these firms do not require any upfront payment while the […]

Wholesale Beer Price Rise Update 2

Wholesale Beer Price Rise Update Following on from the blog on 1st February HERE regarding brand owner price increases, it looks like Heineken (HUK) blinked and we missed it!! But we had good cause because curiously not all traders have been informed in writing, one of the UK’s largest independent wholesale distributors we spoke to […]

Wholesale Beer Price Rise Update

Brewery Price Increases…   1st February!! Usually, by this time of year, we’d have already seen the dreaded brewery price increase letter.   The silence this year, however, is deafening as brand owners wait to see who’s going to blink first. There’s another theory of course….. There’s no point in increasing the price on keg […]

Business Interruption claims update

We have now applied the Supreme Court judgment to the business policies in the Pubs sector. The FCA and Supreme Court have made it clear they are not going to be representing policyholders in helping them get redress or payouts, they consider Insurance firms will having seen the Court ruling, now start to “play fair”. […]

Pubs Code rights during Covid – Jan 2021 Update

Pubs Code timings – Jan 2021. An update from the Pubs Code Adjudicator’s office Following the announcement about a national lockdown in England from 06 January 2021 and in addition to the national restrictions in Wales, the PCA has been contacted by the Pub-Owning Businesses (POBs) and been told their furlough arrangements mean that they […]