• Document Vault

The Pubs Advisory Service has launched its free-to-use document hosting service, the idea being to give you easy access and a secure location to vital agreements. We have found that many people coming to PAS for help have no idea where their lease or tenancy agreement is and or struggle to find it when in a rush.

Our solution is that we (Pubs Advisory Service) can hold a digital copy of your lease, tenancy, and any deeds of variation in our secure cloud folders.

This service is by email, your docs can be recovered on request during office hours or via a single email address with access to the folder in our cloud.

To use the service please email us on this link

We can also convert the documents you send us into searchable formats as most leases are scanned as PDF photos you cannot search easily and are not very user-friendly. We can also send you a brief report containing some headline information – like the rent review dates so you are aware of key events and when they happen.

Note for those with paper-only versions of agreements we can accept service by post but will nominally charge for doing paper handling/scanning and returning original copies by recorded post etc. For those of you without any documents either PDF or paper copies, we have Land Registry access and could obtain copies for a nominal fee direct from the Land Registry using our business account. Email us with your inquiry here