Important factors for pub customers

According to a recent study, convenience and affordability are the most important factors for pub customers in the UK. The research, conducted by a market research firm, surveyed over 1,000 pub-goers to understand what they value the most when choosing a pub.

The results showed that 75% of respondents said convenience, such as location and accessibility, was the most important factor when choosing a pub. This was closely followed by affordability, with 70% of respondents stating that prices and value for money were key considerations.

Other factors that were important to pub customers included atmosphere, with 65% of respondents valuing a welcoming and friendly environment, and quality of service, with 60% of respondents citing good customer service as an important factor.

Interestingly, the study found that the importance of traditional features such as a historic building or a real fire was less important to pub customers, with only 40% of respondents valuing these features.

These findings highlight the need for pubs to focus on convenience and affordability when attracting and retaining customers. Pubs should also prioritize creating a welcoming atmosphere and providing good customer service to enhance the overall customer experience. While traditional features may still be important to some customers, pubs should not rely solely on these features to attract customers.

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