• Pub Lease Comparison

We compare lease and tenancy agreements for pub tenants.

Typically this is at lease renewal, or when pub tenants are presented with a MRO under The Pubs Code etc. Regulations 2016. Terms affect rental bids and can lead to lower rent. Being aware of them and any differences is critically important.

Lease Comparison Service:

  • Establish and check which rights under The Pubs Code etc. Regulations 2016 apply to your agreement and when they are triggered.
  • Compare your existing tied lease with a new tied lease at renewal, or say, when being offered a new agreement when your existing tenancy is expiring.
  • When triggering MRO, compare the existing tied agreement with any new MRO agreement.
  • We identify non-compliant and inferior terms in pub agreements to help better inform you, and to also use in negotiations with your landlord (see sample below).

If you would like a report on your pub agreement terms or a comparison with a new deal, please get in touch via our contact form here.

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Pub Lease comparison