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Running a Pub More Challenging Than During COVID, Report Shows Rising Costs and Declining Revenues

According to a recent report, the cost of running a pub in the UK has increased to the point where it is now worse than during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report suggests that many pubs are struggling to stay afloat due to rising costs and declining revenues.

The report highlights several factors contributing to the rising costs, including the increasing cost of beer and other supplies, as well as rising wages for staff. In addition, many pubs are facing higher rent and business rates, which are eating into their profits.

The report suggests that pubs are facing a “perfect storm” of factors that are making it increasingly difficult for them to operate. Many are struggling to pay their bills and keep their doors open, and there are concerns that many may be forced to close permanently.

The report calls for urgent action from the government to support the pub industry, including measures such as reducing business rates, providing financial assistance, and reducing taxes on beer and other supplies. Without this support, the report warns, many pubs may not survive the current economic climate.

Overall, the report paints a bleak picture for the pub industry in the UK, with rising costs and declining revenues making it increasingly difficult for pubs to operate. Urgent action is needed to support this important sector of the economy and prevent the closure of many beloved establishments.

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