Support for your Pub Business

Pub operators, tenants, and lessees who want their businesses to be profitable need access to expert advice and information.

Pubs Advisory Service can help. We advise, and guide publicans through official guidance, regulations like the Pubs Code Regulations (2016), and tailor-make all kinds of support to optimize your pub business. We also help with tackling disputes and getting redress for when things have gone wrong.

Do you want your pub business to be profitable?

This is how we help.

Types of pubs helped:

Leased and tenanted, both tied and free of tie, tenancies at will (short term agreements), freeholders, and prospective publicans thinking of taking on a pub for the first time.

Services we offer:


We are on hand to give solid advice, demystify terms, and bust industry myths helping pubs secure a better, more profitable deal. We help you understand how legislation impacts your business. This includes the right to a Market Rent Only – MRO agreement.


We supply detailed reports on all or any of the following pub issues, Lease interpretation and comparisons between deals, Pubs Code compliance checks (has something unlawful happened?), Parallel Rent Assessments (are you worse off being tied?), Valuation Office Agency (business rates, rateable values), Business Plan checking, Wastage, and Sediment loss calculations. We also supply documents for you to use such as draft deeds of variation, Business Development Manager meetings, rent assessment, renewal meetings, and Pubs Code Regulation timings.


We can help publicans get redress with landlord and tenant disputes and have represented many tenants at Pubs Code Adjudicator referrals. We can provide expert witness statements or reports for cases where we are not representing and work with your chosen law firm or advocate. If you are in dispute with your pub company, brewery, or commercial landlord we can help.