Pub Licensing

Pubs are often in disputes over money being charged for licensing live or recorded music, there is a service that can resolve disputes for you but you must follow the process below.

The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman is government-approved and is set up to help business owners with a range of disputes including music and TV licensing. They can award compensation if the dispute caused your business damage.

However, before you contact them you must note that they can only consider a complaint if you have been through the relevant music licensing company’s complaints procedure in full first and received a letter of deadlock.

If you have done this and have been unable to agree on a satisfactory resolution to your complaint, then you can raise this with The Ombudsman.

PPL PRS Ltd or PRS for Music must issue a deadlock letter that refers you to the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman. If you have not yet received this, you will need to request a deadlock letter from the relevant music licensing company before you are able to raise a case with the ombudsman.

Once you have received a deadlock letter, you will then need to complete an application form which can be completed on our website HERE

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If you need further help with your pub business the please contact PAS HERE