UK pubs hit by staff shortages as Brexit and pandemic take toll

According to industry experts, pubs in the UK are facing staffing shortages due to the combined impact of Brexit and the ongoing pandemic.

A survey conducted by the British Beer and Pub Association found that a quarter of pubs are facing staff shortages, with 89% of those experiencing difficulties citing Brexit as a major factor.

With the end of the Brexit transition period, many workers from the EU who had previously worked in the UK hospitality industry have returned to their home countries, leaving a gap in the workforce.

In addition to the impact of Brexit, the pandemic has also made it difficult for pubs to find and retain staff. Many workers have left the industry due to health concerns or because they have found other employment during the pandemic.

The staff shortages are having a significant impact on the industry, with some pubs having to reduce their opening hours or limit their menus due to a lack of available staff.

Industry leaders are calling on the UK government to take action to address the staffing crisis. Suggestions include easing immigration rules to allow more workers from outside the UK to enter the country, as well as providing additional support to businesses to help them recruit and train staff.

However, with the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the potential impact of new Covid variants, it remains to be seen how quickly the industry will be able to recover from the current crisis.

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