Food Profits Formula Day 1



An industry experts view on the top 5 things you need to be thinking about, when looking to re-start your food sales in your pub.


You may recall my top 5 recommended actions (below), that you can do now, to ensure you give yourself and your pub the best possible re-start to your pub food business?


  1. Review and tweak your kitchen and stores set up whilst closed (or just doing take away) ready for re-opening
  2. Revise the layout of your pub’s inside and outside space, to ensure social distancing when customers are allowed back.
  3. Adapt your service practices, to minimise any contamination concerns, and train staff accordingly to ensure you build customer confidence.
  4. Review and tweak your menu content to a) avoid wastage if trade is slow at the start and b) ensure you can cope with demand if you have trade peaks
  5. Get all your customer communications published and printed, so customers are 100% clear about your plans and tactics to serve great food in a safe way


As promised, here is the first checklist for point 1 – Review and tweak your kitchen and stores set up whilst closed (or just doing take away) ready for re-opening


  • Reduce walking – re-arrange storage and equipment to minimise walking time to pick up products, which increases speed of service and reduces unproductive chef / cook time
  • Maximise use of space – put shelves up and increase worktop / plating up space, put those long needed extra power sockets in that will allow you to put items like microwaves on shelves, get rid of redundant equipment if taking up valuable space. If you have the space, create work stations with all products and service tableware within that work station area to save staff crossing over each other at service time
  • Product storage – establish bulk and service storage for all products, ensuring high volume lines are closest to the cook line (service storage), get rid of old products you know you’ll never use! Get rid of old redundant fridges and freezers. Invest in low cost stackable storage boxes to allow better storage of loose items
  • The kitchen is for producing food – so clear out all that junk that clutters up the kitchen that has crept in over the years
  • Is your kit working efficiently? – get kit serviced or repaired if needed, take boxes etc. off the top of fridges and freezers, this lets the air get around the mechanics and improves efficiency and life time. Is all your kit safe and PAT tested?
  • Extension leads! – get rid of those long unsafe extension leads and get sockets fitted
  • Deep clean – take the opportunity to move equipment and deep clean that area, clean out freezers and get rid of that build-up of frost that stops the freezers working properly
  • Menu change? – If you are tweaking your menu, then you need to think about the impact on the kitchen, work through the detailed production of each dish and ensure the kitchen is set up appropriately….and don’t forget to consider the potential service pinch points on specific equipment at peak trading times!


As previously mentioned, I would strongly recommend you view the re-start of your food offer as an opportunity to relaunch your food offer to both previous regular customers and potential new customers. Trust me the big brands will have well thought out strategies in place to get customers into their pubs, make sure you give yourself the best chance to get your fair share of the market! BUILDING CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE IS CRUCIAL – You have one chance to get this right.

Tony (Pub Food Consultant)

Look out for tomorrow’s blog with more.

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