PCA Communication Survey Results

PCA Communication Survey Results

The PCA communication survey was swiftly completed by 170 people at low cost providing a representative sample of tied tenants.

Tenants made key points in their comments and showed where the PCA is going badly wrong, we urge the minister to take heed of this report which shows the PCA is not working as intended 4 years on. The minister needs to remove the blocks to progress, apologise to tenants who have lost their rights and act decisively to restore the reform agenda and principles for #ukpubs which is not being delivered by the agency they oversee.

61% find official PCA publications confusing and unhelpful

PCA scored incredibly low on upholding the code principles just 2.7 / 10

PCA current communication efforts were rated just 2.37 / 10

When asked, the methods of communication ranked by preference and effectiveness via: 1. Email 2. Actual Third Party Tenant Representatives 3.Social media


The full response data is available on PDF here PCA_Data_All_200617

The damming comments from over 50 tenants can be seen on a slide show HERE and a sample of them is printed below:


  • Please, do your job and put an end to the tied scam for good. You have the power – use it!
  • It’s too late for me but write direct to pubs and get a decent data base so we know you are there. I did not find out until recently and needed support 2 years ago.
  • The PCA needs to prove that they fully understand the business strategies of each of the POBs. This then needs a constant review with each POB. Until then everything is just a reaction which the POB manoeuvres around. They cannot control or regulate what they clearly do not understand. This will accelerate as tenancies are converted to managed operations…….I’m not sure that the traditional pub tenancy will exist in 5-10 years
  • A independent review of pubcos is urgently required We are being hung out to dry
  • Stop being so patronising. Listen properly and do not ignore what you’ve been told by tenants and most of all don’t tell CCO’s what to do and walk away as if they will/have complied
  • For tenants representatives to have equal position and regular meetings with the PCA on an equal footing to the POB’s Compliance Officer
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