VOA 2017 MAP

Announcing an exclusive PAS interactive map for pub operators to check all the RV increases for 2017

This new map only shows pubs that had a significant increase in their RV at 2017 – it shows the % of increase across 7500 pubs that were valued “upwards” by the VOA from looking at the previous 2010 valuations.

Compare your rate of increase and those around you with ease, find out which pubs made the list, is your pub one of them?

If your 2017 rates worry you act now and preserve your position for the 2017 period – lodge a “Check” with the VOA portal by 31 March 2023.
If your RV for 2017 is lowered under a VOA challenge you will have overpaid your council and will be in line for 6 years’ worth of overpayments on your business rates!
So don’t delay as the chance will fall away if you do not register a Check with the VOA asap.
If you are looking for the 2023 RV increase list please note we are mapping this and will have a new 2023 RV increase map out in a week.
MAP access is free to pub owners/tenants/lessees only, register for free access by filling in your details and selecting VOA as a service here
Our short overview video is below.
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