UK pub group Stonegate considering sale of up to 1,000 sites

Stonegate Pub Company, one of the UK’s largest pub groups, is reportedly considering the sale of up to 1,000 of its sites, as it looks to streamline its operations and focus on its core business.

The move comes as the pub industry in the UK continues to face challenges due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Stonegate currently operates more than 1,250 pubs and bars across the UK, including popular brands such as Walkabout, Slug & Lettuce, and Be At One.

According to reports, the company is considering selling off up to 1,000 of these sites to focus on its core portfolio, which is said to include around 250 of its most profitable venues.

The sale could potentially be worth hundreds of millions of pounds, and would represent a significant restructuring of the company’s operations.

Stonegate has not yet commented on the reports, but industry analysts have suggested that the move could be a smart strategic decision, allowing the company to focus on its most profitable assets and streamline its operations.

However, the potential sale of so many sites could also have significant implications for the wider pub industry, potentially leading to job losses and a further consolidation of the market.

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the potential impact of Brexit, the future of the UK pub industry remains uncertain, and many businesses are still facing significant challenges as they look to adapt to the changing market conditions.

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