Star Pubs & Bars to pay £1.25m settlement for breaching Pubs Code

Star Pubs & Bars, a UK pub operator, has settled its long-running legal battle with the Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA). The dispute had centered around allegations that Star Pubs & Bars had breached the Pubs Code, which was introduced to protect the rights of pub tenants.

Under the Pubs Code, pub tenants have the right to request a market rent only (MRO) tenancy, which allows them to buy beer and other supplies on the open market rather than being tied to the pub-owning business’s supply chain. The dispute with Star Pubs & Bars related to allegations that the company had failed to provide tenants with the information they needed to make a valid MRO request.

The legal battle has been ongoing for several years, with both sides arguing their case in court. However, it has now been announced that a settlement has been reached, which will see Star Pubs & Bars pay a financial penalty for breaching the Pubs Code.

The settlement has been welcomed by the PCA, who have stated that it sends a clear message to pub-owning businesses that they must comply with the Pubs Code and protect the rights of their tenants. The settlement is also seen as a positive development for pub tenants, who will be reassured that their rights are being taken seriously by the authorities.

The settlement is a reminder of the importance of the Pubs Code in protecting the interests of pub tenants, and the need for pub-owning businesses to comply with its provisions. While the legal battle has been a lengthy and costly one, the settlement is seen as a positive step forward for the UK pub industry.

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