Pubs Code Adjudicator: Day 1

Download the PCA day 1 letter and contact information.

Day 1 Letter.PDF

Join PAS and learn more from tied trade experts and major contributors to the Pubs Code Simon Clarke – Chris Wright – David Mountford membership can be obtained here

Remember the adjudicator has powers to:

  1. resolve individual disputes
  2. award redress to a tied tenant if a breach of the code is found
  3. investigate widespread abuses of the code
  4. make recommendations
  5. require information to be published
  6. impose a financial penalty

The adjudicator’s office will be funded through a levy on the pub-owning businesses covered by the code. The former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Sajid Javid, has appointed Mr Paul Newby as the adjudicator.

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