Premises Insurance – What Tied Pub Tenants Need to Know

Pubs Code Adjudicator factsheet on premises insurance

A new factsheet from the regulator published today outlines what regulated pub companies must do each time they buy or renew premises insurance that it plans to recharge it’s tenants for, as well as what information and policy details tenants should be receiving from the pub company.

For example, should a pub tenant finds a cheaper comparable quote, then the pub company must either buy the alternative policy; or buy its own policy but they are not to then charge any difference in cost to the tenant.

Download your copy of the official PCA factsheet here What_Tied_Pub_Tenants_Need_to_Know_about_Insurance

If you think your Pub Company has failed to deal with your insurance properly either raise it with your Code Compliance Officer (CCO) or speak to Pubs Advisory to see if we can help with raising a dispute or representing your business – for more contact us here

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