Profitable Pubs & PAS 2021

PAS set out in 2012 to change the Pubs Industry for the better –

The premise was simple enough, get rid of unfair business practices and help publicans to be more profitable, simple but not easy, and it had never been done before.

The landscape back then was unregulated, unfair, and unlevel. Only statutory regulation could make a real difference, but we were faced with huge obstacles and a well funded big beer and property industry that had not faced any meaningful change since 1989.

We backed a pubs code, presented key arguments to Parliament, and won new protections for thousands of tenants, protections you can benefit from. As stakeholders, we helped draft legislation at both ends of the “House” too and changed the way FMT rent offers are made, and recently helped bring about a new pubs code in Scotland. We have represented hundreds of publicans and made the pubs code work for tenants, even when it seems impossible and the odds were stacked against us we have prevailed time and time again for our clients.

PAS has a winning track record and has been making some of the biggest changes in the sector for almost a decade – if you are serious about your business then we are on hand to help you get a deal that makes you profitable for decades to come.

Get in touch with PAS and see how we can change your business.

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