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Low outcome – why not change the game?

Reading the news over the past seven days, it shows an incredibly low number of businesses are managing to access any CBILS (Loans). Similarly, an incredibly low number getting business insurance cover to pay-out (we have not heard of a single pub managing to get a pay-out yet), it struck us how these results are practically a mirror of each other, so is this poor return down to COVID-19 and the crisis, or was this happening long before?

It’s clear that right now a huge number of businesses are routinely getting 1% access to the policy ‘outcome’ and in the pubs trade we see this mirrored in the pre-COVID-19 crisis period too. When you look at the actual number of publicans who managed to access the policy, get an MRO, break their tie and go FOT it is 1% (jargon buster here if you are not sure of the abbreviations).

The Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA), who just like banks and insurance, were supposedly put in place to support you (in the pubs code case to enforce the code, reform the trade, deliver no-worse-off, fine unfair business practices, underpin a fair business environment), but instead they too have simply overseen a period where some 10,000 pubs should have accessed MRO, yet under 1000 were given an MRO offer and of that figure, only 122 actually got MRO in the end. Back to the 1% again – uncanny!

Not a single fine issued either during the last 4 years, apparently the Regulator with 30 years’ trade experience cannot find anything bad going on, despite having asked for £1m budget to carry out investigations! The awful reality is laid bare in the PCA accounts which show they do not spend the budget at all, and in fact return it in full to the Pub Cos every year.

Despite the huge shortcomings, the PCA are closing down any attempts to hold them to account and are increasing their opaqueness in a draconian shut down of anyone daring to ask questions about their operation, or very poor policy outcome they have delivered. The PCA legal director Katharine Diamond has recently issued a clampdown not repeated in any other Government agency – this unprecedented move was put out under the cover of the crisis, you can read it here.

Why do statutory bodies like the PCA, the Banks, and Insurance companies lord it over your business. They give such poor outcomes, then proceed to get away with it and try to close down avenues to bring it to account – they seemingly seek to only to be congratulated on their performance by their trusted friends, and never ever want to be held to account by independent people for the demonstrably poor outcome of their service and policy they are paid to uphold.

Those put in place to deliver to businesses are controlling your future stake in the #ukpubs industry like never before, it’s high time the business men and women changed the game, if you don’t you will continue to get the 1% they deem acceptable.

Join us, let’s change the game together and hold the service providers to account, demand Government investigation, take action, change your future end the 1% service culture.

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