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Business Interruption claims update

We have now applied the Supreme Court judgment to the business policies in the Pubs sector.

The FCA and Supreme Court have made it clear they are not going to be representing policyholders in helping them get redress or payouts, they consider Insurance firms will having seen the Court ruling, now start to “play fair”. As many publicans have reported there is an almost blanket refusal to payout, unfortunately, insurance companies have been ignoring people with legitimate claims for many years now, pushing them to “go legal or get nothing”, it is a strategy that can easily limit large liabilities and has a foothold in the industry. Given a large amount of money is at stake we consider that those with the best policies need to be fully advised and represented to maximize a payout. We do not recommend no-win no-fee law firms, they take 50% of any payout.

The ruling has meant some policies that were previously considered not to worth pursuing have now become “good” and therefore viable to pursue.

The following policies are considered good, viable, and worthy of recommending for legal representation in getting a payout. If your policy has the wording disease in premises it is worth pursuing, so if the policy you have is listed below with the +disease in premises next to it you will need to have a policy with that clause to be viable.

  • Accelerant +disease in premises
  • Aro +disease in premises
  • Axa (art)
  • Brit Insurance
  • Canopius SME, Beech underwriting (BUA) +disease in premises
  • Capital Markets Underwriting Leisure (CMUL)
  • China Taiping Golf Club
  • CMU/Tasker
  • CMU Leisure
  • Commercial Express/Axis  Public House
  • DOA
  • Eaton Gate Commercial Combined Policy/Broker Express
  • Eaton Gate nightclub, restaurants, pubs etc
  • Hiscox
  • HIUA Argenta Guest House
  • HIUA Public House, etc.
  • MG Underwriting Commercial Combined
  • New India
  • QIC (Europe)/HIUA/Aston Lark +disease in premises
  • QIC +disease in premises
  • RSA Restaurants and Hotels +disease in premises
  • RSA Combined Business +disease in premises
  • Touchstone/Allianz
  • Tristar Public House +disease in premises

Where can you get help with your Business Interruption claim?

For all those whose policies appear in the list above (and or if you have the disease clause) – if have not yet been in touch, please contact the insurance advice service HERE

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