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Shine a light on the untapped savings hidden in your pub.

Did you know? There are some tax reliefs that are so specialist even your accountant is not able to claim for you… Embedded Capital Allowances Tax Relief is one of them!

As one of the best kept secrets in property tax, 80% of business owners don’t realise that UK tax legislation entitles them to claim a specialist tax relief on the ‘Embedded Fixtures’ that were in the premises at the time it was purchased. Essentially, if you paid £100,000+ for your puband pay tax in the UK, it’s highly likely you’re missing out onthese tax savings. It doesn’t matter how long ago the property was purchased.

What are embedded fixtures?

Qualifying embedded fixtures include electrical, heating and ventilation systems, water pipework and drainage, kitchens and bathrooms, carpets, alarms and much more. In other words, if you were able to turn your building upside down, it is the fixtures and fittings in the fabric of the building which did not fall out that would qualify. Watch this short video to find out more: (https://bit.ly/3tAJlVq).

How much could a claim be worth?

By claiming this specialist tax incentive, significant tax savings and repayments can be achieved. For pub owners, typically between 20%-30% of the costs spent to buy, refurbish or build the property can be reclaimed in tax relief. Your pub could be sat on an average of £25,000, plus, you could also be entitled to an immediate cash tax rebate for tax you didn’t know you had overpaid.

Why wouldn’t my accountant have claimed this?

Due to the complex nature of this tax legislation, identifying qualifying expenditure requires a technical site survey and expert tax knowledge. It’s an area often misunderstood or overlooked by a generalist accountant.

Sounds too good to be true?

At Pubs Advisory Service, we are working with Zeal to help pub owners shine a light on these hidden untapped savings. Zealprovide a RISK-FREE service with NO upfront fees, charge fees 50% lower than other firms and offer a free property survey (typically charged at £999+) to determine your entitlement to claim.

For a free consultation to find out if you qualify, click HERE to fill in a contact form.


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