Unintended Consequences

Beware the “unintended consequences”

Probably the most over-used couple of words trotted out in the pub’s trade these last few years.

Some people in the trade repeat this phrase like a stuck record (a default setting) clearly some people like the current set up as it is; perhaps it pays well, gives great benefits or a smooth ride so naturally resist any changes Government propose.

Mostly though i hear the old “UC’s” being used by those who clearly know a little and lets face it are generally supportive of the introduction of a fair tenanted model but fall short from looking any deeper despite professing to be an expert on either the pub or drinks trade. If they had bothered to look just a little deeper (scary i know!) they would have found out within 2 minutes of reading to their utter relief that the pubs code has a safety net, a sunset clause, a review stage if you like, infact the Groceries Code is undergoing one such review right now if you don’t believe me.

It goes like this, if Government get the pubs code wrong and it has a detrimental effect or doesn’t address the policy issues, or horror of horrors delivers too much fairness to tenants (!) then in 3 years time the pub’s code rules can be adjusted, modified or even extended, perhaps to include tenants of family brewers? It’s fairly clear that tenants of the smaller pubco’s and family brewers should continue to report issues of unfairness as silence is often wrongly attributed by Government to people being happy and that all is well.

So in simple terms for anyone tempted to use the old “UC’s” your fear of things going wrong is infact limited by the law. So you can wipe the sweat from your brows and sleep easy in your beds as people before you have done all the sweating for you.

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