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Sweet Spot

With the end of lockdown in sight for hospitality, now is the ideal time to get ready for reopening on 12th April. Most credit card terminal providers require 30 days notice to cancel your contract, so we are now in the sweet spot to review your card terminal costs and switch providers; and what’s more – we do everything for you!


Simple question: Are you getting the best deal for you and your business? A quick financial health check could save you hundreds or in most cases even thousands of pounds a year. However, for most business owners, just the thought of the time and effort needed to research the market, wade through the jargon, negotiate a good deal and then physically switch over card terminals is daunting at best. As a result, most don’t bother and inevitably end up paying more than they should.


That’s why Switch4Profit was born. Out of a desire to help small businesses save money and take away the pain traditionally associated with switching merchant services provider.


All we need is a statement. Get in touch today by clicking HERE.


It’s then our job to find you the best deal, produce a quote, order and install your new terminals, provide training and cancel your existing contract. We even organise for your cancellation costs to be paid to you before you have to pay your old supplier. The result being that you save money and have brand new card terminals with minimal time and effort.


The majority of our customers are now opting for the brand new dojo terminal on a monthly rolling contract with no exit fees. It’s easy to use with quick and effortless PCI compliance, has superb WIFI and GPRS connectivity and a free app to access your account and track your activity. If for any reason you’re not happy, you can simply give your 30 days notice with no penalty charges.


If you want some good advice from a small team who care about you and your business then please get in touch. We are happy to answer any questions you have on card terminals, merchant services contracts, EPOS systems, pay at table solutions and even your utility costs.

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