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Investment in Technology is Key for the Hospitality Sector

This last week there have been a few comments in the hospitality press about the ‘new look’ customer experience. Repeated lockdowns and social distancing requirements forced many pubs to completely change the way they were operating. This inevitably resulted in more technology being involved in a customer’s trip to the pub, and where there is technology there are always glitches that need to be ironed out. These glitches might be small and easy to fix but shouldn’t be overlooked because they could mean the difference between a good and bad experience, a repeat trip, or a bad review.

‘The implementation of clunky technology and over-complicated systems has been a problem in many venues I’ve frequented during covid-19. I’ve been tripped over by QR codes, failed to download apps, berated my children for staring at their phones in a restaurant when they’ve actually been looking at the menu because no paper alternative was offered, accidentally over-ordered and, one time, the setting up of an account and password along with entering my payment details took longer than the supping of the pint I’d bought.’

It will be imperative that pubs and restaurants iron out these sorts of problems because consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable and reliant on technology for ordering and paying. When you add in the massive issue of staff shortages then the tech is guaranteed to play an outsized role over the coming months.’ (Glynn Davis, leading commentator on retail trends).

Even before your customers book, the research phase is most often a quick google. Do you have an easy online reservation system? Recent research from Zonal & KAM Media has found that “difficulties in making a reservation” was the second highest reason given for customers deciding to stay home instead of going out.

It also found that half of respondents found it ‘exceedingly frustrating’ trying to get the waiting staff’s attention to pay the bill. Have you thought about a mobile ordering and payment solution? During lockdown it was a necessity to maintain social distancing but now that customers have tried it, 45% of people consider it an important factor when choosing a venue. It has become an easy way to streamline the ordering and payment process.

With people’s decision-making process being increasingly digitally driven you need to ‘invest in tech and work with the right partners for your operation.’ (Amber Staynings, chief executive of Bums on Seats,)

Switch4Profit work with an array of trusted partners and can help you introduce a low cost mobile order and pay at table solution. A quick review of your merchant services may well save you the money (and more) to cover the costs of introducing new technology.

Combine that with upgraded card terminals with fast transaction processing and GPRS connectivity which will work even at the end of the garden, and your customers’ experience could be vastly improved.

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This is a guest blog written for Pubs Advisory Service Ltd by Switch4Profit.

(Source: Propelhospitality.com)

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