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Government Guidance on reopening – 2021 HERE


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Government Guidance on reopening – June 2020

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Note the above is guidance it is not yet backed by legislation – only the restrictions laid out in the Covid act or statutory health act can impose mandatory changes on how you operate / must conduct your pub business. Any failure to take steps to reduce the risk of transfer of covid 19 can be enforced by the HSE and local authority in the work place, inspectors are being used to check. The legislation will of course come later and may differ in language and content when it does. Please read the guidance with this in mind and when deciding on changes to your business and working practices.
These are some of the headline issues – this is not the full list:
  • Published risk assessment if more than 5 employees
  • 2m,or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable, is acceptable, then it can come down to 1m, using screens, face masks, e.g. tables turned around can reduce mitigation.
  • Maximum 6 people per table
  • Capture customer details to assist with track and trace.
  • Table service – you may not stand at the bar, if standing around, social distancing must be enforced.
  • App service and or contactless payments recommended
  • Signage explaining your approach and what is expected of the customer
  • No live performances and back ground music/ juke box must be played at low levels to not encourage singing or shouting, sporting events are included in this.
  • Children’s play areas to stay closed
  • Regular published cleaning schedule
  • One way directional travel, recommended.
  • Hand sanitising stations at various points
  • Hand dryers or paper towels made available in toilets.
  • Cutlery and condiments brought to the table.


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