Pubs Code rights during Covid – Jan 2021 Update

Pubs Code timings – Jan 2021.

An update from the Pubs Code Adjudicator’s office

Following the announcement about a national lockdown in England from 06 January 2021 and in addition to the national restrictions in Wales, the PCA has been contacted by the Pub-Owning Businesses (POBs) and been told their furlough arrangements mean that they either cannot (or may not be able to) comply with all of their Pubs Code duties in respect of serving compliant Rent Proposals, Rent Assessment Proposals (RAPs) and Market Rent Only (MRO) full responses during the new national restriction period.

In light of this, the PCA has agreed to restore the Declaration agreement initially for the period covered by the restrictions from 6 Jan 2021 until 31 March 2021 – this in effect suspends all timings under the code related to the service of rental offers and requests. Those tenants at Independent Assessment are not affected, the new declaration does not apply.

The full announcement on the lockdown can be read on the Pubs Code Adjudicators website here

If you need advice on the code contact us here

Further, the PCA has also published an open letter to all Tied Pub Tenants see our other blog HERE

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