Stonegate announce new charges to tenants for branded glassware

UK pub operator, Stonegate, has announced that it will begin charging its tenants for the use of branded glassware. This move is expected to impact a significant number of pubs across the country.

According to reports, the charge for using branded glasses will be set at £1.20 per dozen, with the cost being passed on to the tenant. This is expected to apply to all Stonegate pubs that currently use branded glassware, including those which stock well-known beer brands such as Carling, Guinness, and Strongbow.

Stonegate has stated that this move is necessary in order to recover some of the costs associated with branded glassware. The company has reportedly invested heavily in branded glasses in recent years, but has struggled to recoup these costs through drinks sales.

The announcement has been met with mixed reactions from tenants, with some expressing concerns about the impact on their business. Others have welcomed the move, citing the benefits of using branded glasses in terms of customer experience and marketing.

Stonegate has defended its decision, stating that the charge is necessary in order to ensure that the company can continue to invest in its pub estate and provide the best possible experience for customers. The company has also stressed that tenants will still have the option to use non-branded glasses if they prefer.

It remains to be seen how this move will impact Stonegate’s relationships with its tenants and customers, as well as the wider pub industry. However, it highlights the challenges faced by operators in the current economic climate and the need to find innovative ways to manage costs and improve profitability.

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