PCA issues new MRO guidance.

The Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) has issued new guidance regarding market rent only (MRO) offers for UK pubs. The guidance provides clarity on the MRO process and aims to help tenants and pub-owning businesses understand their rights and obligations.

Under the Pubs Code, tenants of tied pubs have the right to request an MRO tenancy, which allows them to buy beer and other supplies on the open market rather than being tied to the pub-owning business’s supply chain. The new guidance explains the MRO process, including the information required to make a valid MRO request and the timescales involved.

The guidance also provides information on how MRO rent is calculated and what factors should be taken into account. Additionally, it covers issues such as arbitration and rent reviews, as well as the obligations of both tenants and pub-owning businesses under the Pubs Code.

The Pubs Code Adjudicator has stated that the guidance is intended to be a living document and will be updated as necessary to reflect changes in legislation or best practice. The aim is to ensure that tenants and pub-owning businesses have access to clear and up-to-date information on MRO offers and their rights and obligations under the Pubs Code.

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