The following is a list of articles in which PAS appeared – clipped from over the years – if you have any others please add them by blog posting underneath this article or by emailing us with any clippings you have and we’ll add them to the history.

Why the pub beer tie battle is coming to a head _ The Telegraph

Tied tenants to protest outside PCA Newby’s office _ Morning Advertiser

Tied tenants to hold protests calling… _ The Caterer

Three Droitwich landlords hit out at Marstons, saying they fear for the future of their pubs _ The Droitwich Standard

Thousands of pubs could be entitled to market rent-only option MRO _ Morning Advertiser

FAO all pub tenants_ Don’t waste these powers that we’ve waited so long for _ York Press

Pub tenants fear beer tie loophole _ The Telegraph

Pubs code_ Government praised for ‘listening’ to tenant campaigners _ Morning Advertiser

Newby tells Reeves he wants to ‘accelerate’ pubs code arbitration process _ Morning Advertiser

Drinks groups accused over high cost of cutting pub ‘beer tie’ _ The Financial Times

Heineken’s takeover is ‘baffling and infuriating’ _ The Telegraph

Plymtpon Pub told its rent will DOUBLE if it tries to buy cheaper beer – Plymouth Herald

Outrage as pubs code is delayed due to MRO loophole _ Morning Advertiser

Pubco ‘favouritism’_ Licensee struggles against new local pubs from same company _ Morning Advertiser

Pubs regulator suffers blow after professional body upholds tenant challenges _ The Telegraph

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