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    If you are a publican who is concerned about their rateable value and would like to stop clear unfairness in the valuation system then please read on

VOA & Rateable Values

Rateable Valuations and the Valuation Office Agency (VOA)

Currently a growing number of publicans are unhappy with the VOA’s assessment of trade for their pub – this has had some far reaching consequences with many missing out on grants during the Covid crisis. Analysis of the source documents highlights the VOA are in many cases guilty of maladministration, they have simply used the trading figures of the pub and not followed any recognised scheme of valuation (FMT). The agency trusted with doing a skilled job is instead taking a short cut and penalising publicans for their hard work and gifting huge financial advantages to other pubs in the local area.

Many publicans who go on to raise a complaint have then been sent wrongly into a black-hole of delay and obfuscation that the VOA call Check Challenge Appeal (CCA) or worse, threatened that their rates might go up if they do dare to try.

Our service does not use the highly inefficient and discredited CCA route, we have identified a quicker and far superior route to challenge that has the advantage of allowing a business to claim damages and costs for VOA mistakes – something the VOA are rather keen publicans did not use.

For your peace of mind we can undertake a free strength of case review and go on to represent pub owners to help rid them of the root cause of unfair and unlawful VOA valuations.

New service

As mentioned above we have identified a route for publicans to swiftly challenge the mistakes and failure at the VOA. We think our new service will apply to many pubs but we will need to assess each case on its merits and check some key paperwork.

We remain confident we can help a large number of pubs right now, if you would like to explore the opportunity with us then please submit an inquiry via the form on this page and we will be in touch.

Take care and stay safe

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