• Capital allowances on commercial buildings

    For business owners who would like to know how much they can claim – note this service is running even with Covid19 lock-down & restrictions.

Capital allowances


A great opportunity to explore a service that is usually the preserve of blue chip property companies has opened up after a chance conversation with a caller to the PAS office. After checking out some of their happy clients we are willing to put this out to supporters of PAS too.

The reason most publicans have never heard of this service (and we hadn’t!) is because claiming capital allowances on embedded fixtures purchased with a building goes beyond the skills of accountants. This is due to the need for surveyors and expert tax knowledge, it’s a service some accountants are unaware of, some simply don’t understand. Many also think they have claimed or that claiming affects capital gains tax, or that there is a lot of work involved, however thankfully, none of this is true.

The service is quick, typically a claims takes 8 weeks and there is no upfront fee – it is funded by success the average pub can claim an average of £25,000 in tax relief.

The qualifying criteria is simple. Bought before April 2014? Purchased for more than £100k? Paying UK tax on business of over 2k?

Yes to all above pre qualifies you for this claim, if you require further information please fill out our simple enquiry form and the experts will be in touch.
In the covid 19 lock-down and with costs building up we feel pubs will have nothing to lose in exploring the value of this service.