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50 Questions to ask a Pub Company

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The market is awash with pubs to let, either under a tenancy or a lease agreement. There is also a growing market for self-employed managers (more on that later) but if you don't know they take a % of the sales to pay for staffing the pub. The issue remains in how to sort a good deal from a bad one, if you've never been in the trade our list is designed to help you by asking key questions. If you get answers to all of them that is great, you are going to be in a fantastic position to make an informed choice before you sign up. However the more question unanswered or avoided (typical non-answer "every pub is different" etc) is bad news and you risk making a leap of faith. if you get lots of missed or non answers the alarm bells should be ringing loudly as the biggest pub companies in Britain have been running rent models for decades now, they have extensive data on the costs the sales and the numbers that work so there should be no reason not to have any answers. Download the 50 Questions here.

50 Questions

For expert help with pubs please use the form below.

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PCA Protest Birmingham March 15th

PCA Protest Birmingham March 15th

Tied Pub Tenant protests in Birmingham on March 15th to accuse Pub Adjudicator of failing to act in the interest of Tied Pub Tenants and Pubs.

Tied tenants are calling on Mr Newby to resign his position or they will continue to demonstrate their feelings on his appointment until Government accepts the fact that he does not have their support and relieves him of his position

Sept Pubs Code MRO workshop events - Liverpool - York - Plymouth

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21st Sept Liverpool - 22nd Sept York - 27th Sept Plymouth


 We are calling a snap serties of meetings - a chance to discuss and pick apart the pubs code and what we've learnt so far with the formost MRO experts Chris Wright - Dave Mountford. Space is limited, tenants and lessees get priority booking

Pubs Code Side by Side on PDF


Buy a "Side by Side" Pubs Code comparison document on PDF

(sample of the PDF above)

To help people follow all the numerous changes between the two copies of the pubs code published by BIS between April & June you can now buy a side by side comparison PDF direct from the PAS 

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