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Jargon and Terms

If you are new to the trade you’ll need to know your FMT from your REO.

Some of the common abbreviations and phrases are listed below.

Pubco - Pub Owning Company (includes brewing as well as non brewing companies)

Wet Rent - the extra you pay on supply tied products above normal free of tie wholesale pricing

Dry Rent - the rent usally expressed in a yearly figure

PCA Pubs Code Adjudicator

MRO Market Rent Only (option)

PRA Parallel Rent Assessment 

L&T Landlord & Tenant (usually refers to the L&T Act 1954)

FMT Fair Maintainable Trade

FAB Flavoured Alcoholic Beverage

NRB Non-returnable bottle

WSM Wines Spirits Minerals

MAT Moving Annual Total

REO Reasonably Efficient Operator

RTD Ready to drink

F&F Fixtures & Fittings

RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

IPC Independent Pub Consortium

TYMAT This Year Moving Annual Total

LYMAT Last Year Moving Annual Total

AWP Amusements with prizes

CTCU Cellar Temperature Control Unit

BRM Business Relationship Manager

BDM Business Development Manager

PDM Profit Development Manager

TTD Tied Trade Director

RM Retail or Regional Manager

BB Beer or Brewers Barrel (36 gallons)

E&ID External and Internal Decoration

FRI Full Repairing and Insuring

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