What is the PAS?

The Pubs Advisory Service (PAS) was set up in the wake of the Government response to the Business Innovation and Skills Committee Pubco report of 2011 (BISCOM)

It was noted that people entering the Licensed Trade (especially those taking pubs from pubco’s) need detailed independent advice on a wide range of issues and that any such pre-entry advice would help with the due diligence required to take on a pub and thrive.

We want everyone to make better informed decisions before taking on a pub. This service is designed to demystify common misconceptions and to answer questions that people frequently ask when thinking of running a pub.

This service can be used as a tool to negotiate better terms for people seeking to take on a lease. All lease or tenancy agreements are subject to negotiation before signing and in most cases the deal on offer can be changed but only if you can spot a bad one from a good one.

The main focus of PAS is to provide information for those looking to lease or rent a pub from one of the many pub companies or family brewers who run property estates in the UK. Some issues we cover will also be useful to people wanting to buy a freehold and all are welcome to register and use any of the free information available on this site.

Owing to the large interest surrounding MRO we are representing tied tenants and lessees - to become a member and have access to our exclusive MRO content - this includes videos, slideshows and (PRA) parallel rent assessment calculator please register or buy a membership here for access.

People who need further specialist help maybe referred to a PAS panel member (List) they can assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome. Should you require further advice in relation to the issues covered please submit a feedback enquiry form here and a specialist will be in touch.

Pubs Advisory Service Ltd.

Angels View
Scotsford Road
Heathfield TN21 8UD

You should always budget for professional advice as standard practice before serving your first pint.

Thank you, PAS

Chris Wright

Risk managment, specialist debt & credit advisor

Website: twinpier.co.uk
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