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    Re-balance your pub business with PAS support

Service & Advice for Your Pub

We are where we are.

Pubs are unique position during the Covid crisis, despite the great uncertainty surrounding the future of the trade there is a lot you can do right now to put your pub on a financially sound footing and become far better placed to face challenges in the weeks and months ahead. In normal economic cycles most publicans would not be able to access support because of the perpetual financial jeopardy which holds them back from getting advice or taking action. To avoid overwhelming you with options we have distilled this down to 3 core services and 3 bits of advice.

Services – pick one or pick all three!

  1. Rents, many pubs are not aware they can force a revaluation right now – find out with our award winning PAS service.
  2. The VOA (Valuation Office Agency) have clearly not valued pubs fairly, we have a unique service to help with challenging and representing.
  3. Use legal challenges we have developed to claim back money that is owed, take advantage of our exclusive associations with top lawyers into getting your insurance to pay out, or perhaps look into the possibility you have been the victim of #72pints see our dedicated site


  1. Keep better informed – do not allow your landlord or BDM to be your only source of information, get fully involved in trade issues, follow independent sources of information, join tenant led Facebook groups.
  2. Keep pressing for reform – support those who campaign in your best interests and have a track record in winning, do not allow your future to be dictated on the whim of your landlord or those with vested interests. Government has never been more focused on the trade than right now, so use your voice or have property companies or global brewers speak for you.
  3. Keep an eye on being commercial – do not allow your business investment to slowly slip away and leave yourself exposed with no route to challenging unfairness, if your pub isn’t rewarding you seek advice, find out why fast and fix it.

We think pubs have nothing to lose right now in challenging, claiming or changing the status quo that has left so many of you unrewarded for so long – there is never going to be a better time to take stock and re-balance your risk and reward.

PAS are on-trade, on-line and on-your side.

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