• Covid-19

    We have some specific trade support for your pub

Covid-19 & Your Pub

Pubs are unique, pubs were the first to close in the crisis and we think they will be the last to re-open.

Pub operators, tenants and lessees should consider that the Covid19 virus will be likely to impose business closure for up to six months.

We have some specific trade support for your pub on the following links.

General support and official / Govt guidance links are further down.

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  • Restoring Fairness

    Delivering Reform For Missing Pints

Beer Duty & Waste Consultation

The statutory consultation follows intense lobbying and representations over a 2 year period made to the Adjudicators, Paul Newby and Fiona Dickie, of how pub companies regulated by the Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) fail to disclose the quantity of alcohol on which duty has been paid and how they present an incorrect saleable volume of draught products supplied under their tied agreements. These calculations affect both turnover and expected profit margins i.e. the price per pint and achievable gross profit, and they are critically important factors for tenants when considering the rent proposals and or how much to bid.

The consultation has since concluded and the statutory guidance has now been published here. The various consultation responses from pub companies, trade groups, and individual tenants have also been published here.

Who We Are

The Pubs Advisory Service Ltd. was set up to help and ensure tenants received high-quality independent advice and support helping to grow and develop their pub business. PAS has been involved since the inception of legislation (Pubs Code Regulations 2016) and has represented many tenants at arbitration. No one is better able to fight for tenants when it comes to PubsCode and industry related matters that affect tenants like rent reviews, flow monitoring equipment, mis-selling of agreements, unworkable business plans, MRO and #72pints.

We will be giving advice for all those at rent review, MRO or renewal and to enable current and previous tenants to rightfully lay out their claim for the beer they were mis-sold. We have developed a calculator tool to establish any losses to a precise figure free from pubco influence.

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