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Sept Pubs Code MRO workshop events - Liverpool - York - Plymouth

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21st Sept Liverpool - 22nd Sept York - 27th Sept Plymouth


 We are calling a snap serties of meetings - a chance to discuss and pick apart the pubs code and what we've learnt so far with the formost MRO experts Chris Wright - Dave Mountford. Space is limited, tenants and lessees get priority booking

Pubs Code Side by Side on PDF


Buy a "Side by Side" Pubs Code comparison document on PDF

(sample of the PDF above)

To help people follow all the numerous changes between the two copies of the pubs code published by BIS between April & June you can now buy a side by side comparison PDF direct from the PAS 

Unintended Consequences


Beware the “unintended consequences"

Probably the most over-used couple of words trotted out in the pub’s trade these last few years.

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